Thursday, June 6, 2013

Printable Invitations {Celebration Supplies}

The past few months have been an exciting blur here in my design studio. After careful consideration and some much needed vacation time, I have decided to discontinue my line of cupcake toppers. While they are gone for now, I am considering adding printable topper designs in the future (no promises though). All toppers will be slowly removed from my inventory over the next month or so to make room for exciting new projects.

Speaking of exciting new projects, I'm sure many of you have already seen the beautiful new printable invitations that recently launched. These premade invitation designs are currently available in 9 gorgeous background patterns and 2 frame variations so that you can choose the design that best fits your party theme. As always, you can customize your design by adding the requested personalized text and choosing your own color scheme.

As I mentioned, there are 9 different background patterns and 2 frames to choose from on the new invitation designs. Currently, I offer: bamboo, chevron, diagonal stripes, floral, greek keys, pixie, polka dots, quatrefoil, and stripes as pattern options. The new frame choices are: bracket and circle. New patterns and frames are expected to release throughout the year, so keep an eye out for those new designs to start launching soon.

These invitations allow for 2 or 3 colors per design to make the final product truly your own. The new color chart was just released so I am excited to offer such a wide array of color choices in my collections. I have expanded the color chart to include 77 total choices. The additional colors are available to create the perfect color combination to compliment your upcoming celebration.

The featured invitations are all available by custom order at Heather Renee Celebrations or via my Etsy Shop while the website remains under construction.

-What is your favorite new invitation pattern?
-What two colors would you like to see paired together?


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